Apply For A Scholarhip

Our email address is: or it can be mailed or dropped off at: Geoff & Regan Archambault Scholarship 1415 Henderson Highway Winnipeg, MB R2G 1N3

Each year we offer a $500 scholarship to one student in each of the 3 high schools - River East Collegiate, Miles Macdonell Collegiate and Kildonan East Collegiate. These scholarships are given out specifically to chosen students who have given back to their community through volunteerism, or by raising funds for a charity. We feel that these students should be rewarded for the work they have done to improve our community and hope that this encourages them to continue to volunteer in the future.

To apply for a scholarship, please send us through mail or email, an essay outlining the work that you have done as well as what your plans are for your education and future. Also, please add any letters of support from your teachers, guidance counsellor and from any charities that you have done volunteer work for.