They Didn't Take My Offer!

There can be frustration in this process.

There are 3 options each seller has when dealing with your offer. 

1)Accept as written

2)Respectfully Decline

3)Counter Offer

Now all of these are heavily influenced by the situation at the moment, the biggest one being other competing offers. Realtors goals for sellers is to take the strongest offer or one with the most favorable terms. Working with a Realtor that has built strong agent to agent relationships gives you a better chance of receiving a counter offer and potentially avoiding the upset of an outright decline.

However when a decline happens, it's important to understand that there are always homes coming up on the market that typically fit. What we find in this industry and most others, is that buyers will justify the situation they are currently in. In short; You will usually be glad they declined your offer on that particular house when you are in your eventual new one 😉